Imagine getting married in Kalkan, and blending your favourite holiday destination with the perfect wedding day.
We can assist you at every stage from finding the perfect venue through to photography.

We will be there at each stage to reassure you and ensure your special day is one to remember for you and your guests.


We specialise in organising birthday celebrations and making your special day as amazing as you deserve it to be.

We also believe in celebrating every day with as much passion as that of your birthday; so we hold residencies at a number of Kalkan's top VIP venues.

Barbeque Party

Barbequing is one of the popular pastimes of the people. Here are experienced people at Palm Beach Kalkan who do this in party time. In your party you can also plan to have some drinks and snacks apart from the main course that you have planned. With not having to spare much you can have a variety of snacks included in your bbq party.